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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2011
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Product Data

EVERGREEN® 19XR,XRV High-Efficiency Hermetic Centrifugal Liquid Chiller 50/60 Hz HFC-134a
19XR — 200 to 1500 Nominal Tons (703 to 5275 kW) 19XRV — 200 to 1500 Nominal Tons (703 to 5275 kW)

evergrn Carrier’s Evergreen® centrifugal chillers offer: • The use of non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a, which is not affected by scheduled refrigerant phaseouts • An annual leakrate of 0.1%, the lowest published in the industry • The ability to store the entire charge of refrigerant inside the chiller, minimizing the chance of leaks during refrigerant transfer for maintenance • Hermetic compression • Refrigerant-cooled VFD (variable frequency drive) (19XRV only) • Modular construction • Positive pressure design

The Carrier-designed Evergreen familyof chillers achieve superior efficiencies without compromising the environment.
The Evergreen chillers superior efficiencies are obtained at true operating conditions. Therefore, the effects of potential direct or indirect global warming are greatly diminished.


High efficiency
Today’s owners of chilled water plants demand high efficiency from their chillers. Per AHRI 550/590,chillers operate at design conditions less than one percent of the time. As a result, superior part load efficiency is required for today’s chilled water applications.

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Form 19XR-9PD

Features/Benefits (cont)
The Evergreen® 19XRV centrifugal chiller, equipped with a factoryinstalled variable speed drive, maximizes chiller efficiency by optimizing compressoroperation. Electric power consumption drops dramatically when the motor speed slows. The 19XRV chiller delivers industry-leading integrated part load values (IPLV). together, making the Evergreen chillers ideally suited for replacement projects where ease of disassembly and reassembly at the jobsite are essential.

Optional seismic kit
A seismic isolation package is available to meetInternational Building Code and ASCE 7 seismic qualification requirements in concurrence with ICC ES AC156 Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Qualification by Shake-Table Testing of Nonstructural Components and Systems.

Marine container shipment (19XR, heat exchanger frame sizes 1 to 6 only)
The compact design allows for opentop container shipment to export destinations, ensuring product quality whilereducing shipping cost.

Environmental leadership
Carrier has long been committed to the environment and its sustainability. Evergreen chillers provide our customers with a high-efficiency, chlorine-free long-term solution unaffected by refrigerant phaseouts. Carrier’s decision to utilize non-ozone depleting HFC-134a refrigerant provides our customers with a safe and environmentally sound choicewithout compromising efficiency.

Hermetic compressor features
Single-stage design increases product reliability by eliminating the additional moving parts associated with multiple stage chillers, such as additional guide vanes and complex economizers. Aerodynamically contoured impellers use high back sweep main blades with low-profile intermediate splitter blades. The impellers areaerodynamically contoured to improve compressor full load and part load operating efficiency. Tunnel diffuser design uses jet engine technology, increasing centrifugal compressor peak efficiency. Hermetic motors are hermetically sealed from the machine room; cooling is accomplished by spraying liquid refrigerant on the motor windings. This highly efficient motor cooling method results in the use of smaller,cooler-running motors than could be realized with air-cooled designs of the same type. In addition, Carrier’s hermetic design eliminates: • Compressor shaft seals that require maintenance and increase the likelihood of refrigerant leaks

Optional refrigerant isolation valves
This system allows the refrigerant to be stored inside the chiller during servicing, reducing refrigerant loss and...
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