Chinese economy

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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First it is about labor, in the labor point it can be seen more than the 50% of the Chinese immigrants don´t take a break on all week and make less than $125 dollars a month. Actually this isbecause one Chinese worker is the equivalent of 140 millions of immigrant workers, according to the National Buro of Statistics more than a quarter has shifts of nine to ten hours per day. Theinversion that China has is the latest investment between June, 2011 and May, 2011 went up in a 286%. China National Offshore Oil Corporation better known as C.N.O.O.C. bought on May, 2010the 50% of the Bridas Corporation for $3,100 dollars, while on November, 2010 it bought the Pan American Energy on $7,059 million dollars and on March, 2011 China bought the Exxon Movil Argentinafor $700 million dollars. The Natural resources are tungsten, tin, antimony, tantalum, vanadium, molybdemun, niobium, beryllium, lithium, fourth zinc, iron, gold, silver, magnesite, graphite,fluorite, talc, asbestos, gypsum, heavy spar, silica, alunite, bentonite, rock salt, phosphorus, kaorin, sulfur, mirabilite, diatomite, zealite, perlite, limestone, marble, granite, wheat, conrsorghum, soybeans, flax, sugar beets, millet, cotton, peanuts, rice, oragnge, sugarcane, tea, grapefruit & rape. The production is mostly rice and exportation of rice to make sushi and thegovernment that China has has been republican.References:
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