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Choose the best candidate to become the president of Colombia.

If you are reading this, it means that you want to choose the best candidate to become president of Colombia and youneed to analyze the magnitude of your decision. When you know how to choose the best candidate, you will be able to participate in the Colombian democracy. Nowadays, there are more peoplewho don’t want to participate in the Colombian democracy, because they don’t know who the candidates are, when the elections are and what the president’s functions are, etc.

If thereaders want to take the best decision, they must dedicate at least three months of their time to analyze each one of the aspects that are going to be mentioned in this article. When you vote,you are choosing Colombia’s future. Choosing a president is an important decision and great responsibility because the president has the duty of taking the important decisions in thecountry. Likewise, he takes decisions that refer to economy, politic, education, health, peace and justice.

Firstly, you have to find out about the candidates for the presidency: Who theyare, what they do and what their offers are. This kind of information can be found in Internet or if you prefer, you can see the presidential debates in the TV. The readers also can readin the newspapers and discuss these topics with people expert in the area.

Previously, you should be aware about when the elections are, because it is so important that if you want toavoid long rows and inconveniences in the day of voting, you must come early to the table that they assigned to you and you must be acquainted with voter's ballot.

Finally, as voter,you must have in mind the importance of choosing a new president for your country. You must think well before taking any decision and you can be instructed by this article’s indications.
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