Christmas in venice

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2012
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Christmas in Venice:

On Christmas we celebrate the tradition of La Befana Witch. Its name comes from the word epiphany, the religious festival in the Christmas season. According to the tradition,Befana visits the homes of children in Italy on the 5th & 6th nights of January riding her broom to fill the stockings with candy, if they have been good and coal if they have misbehaved.Christmas is celebrated on January 5th not the 25th of December like other countries do. The Christmas decorations are the nativity and the witch Befana instead of using the traditional Santa Clause. Theycall Santa Claus “Babbo Natale”. The man tradition is celebrating the witch Befana.
On this day they do some skills with gondolas in which 50 members travel on its shelves the Grand Canal to RialtoBridge, dressed as La Befana. The race is a tribute to the old witch who distributes annually presents in memory of the offerings brought to baby Jesus by the Magi. According to tradition, the Befanatraveled through Italy riding a broom, but always arrives in Venice by boat.
The origin of the legend of the Befana was that the Kings got lost on the way to Bethlehem to bring their gifts to babyJesus.

They sought help from an old woman to guide them along the way. Despite the pleas of the Magi, the old woman agreed and stayed at home. Then the old woman regretted not having accompaniedthe Magi. She prepared a basket with various sweets and went in search of the Magi. The old woman stopped at every house and gave candy to children, thinking that one of them was the baby Jesus. Shenever found him become a tradition.
In Venice Merry Christmas is said Buon Natale. Every they eat culture has traditional foods during Christmas holidays but Venice but no. The food on Christmas Eveis meatless, but the traditional Christmas Day they eat meat but the desserts. One of the most typical are the chocolate cookies and "Panettone" This sweet bread filled with dried fruits.
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