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StitchMaps Plus

The Plus Extension of StitchMaps 2! joins fully automatic your Google Earth images, to a complete map and saves and calibrates this, if required.
The condition precedent to theexecution is the installation of the current Google Earth version, up-to-date the version 4.0.2091, on this computer.

This procedure consists of 5 steps:

Step 1: StitchMaps initialize Google Earthin own image screen (automatically)
Step 2: Determinate the size and form of the result map
Step 3: Determinate the number of images, with these the map assembled
Step 4: Determinate map name andpixel format
Step 5: StitchMaps scans the single images and joins them (automatically)

In the further description one presupposes, that the user is familiar with the functions and operation ofStitchMaps.

The Plus Extension becomes activate either by means of button Stitch and calibrate Google Earth image on the single map screen, or by means menu File/Stitch and calibrate Google Earthimage, or by press the function key F5.

There is an option, inside the register Settings/plus, to use the Plus Extension, immediately the program starts. It avoids the detour via the single map screen.This option is makes sence, by the nearly exclusively use of the plus extension.

Important hint:
Interfacing a 3rd party application with Google Earth through the COM API requires Google Earth tobe installed on the machine where one intends to run it.
The Google Earth COM interface is registered as part of the installation process.

If, for some reason, the Google Earth COM API needs tobe registered again, you can execute GoogleEarth.exe with "/RegServer" as a command line argument.

For instance, assuming GoogleEarth.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth, thefollowing command line would register Google Earth's COM API:
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\googleearth.exe" /RegServer

You can execute this command by the use of windows Start/Execute...
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