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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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Time spent on education
We are rapidly approaching the turning point. The hit contours of our society are already emerging from the mist of the morning. However, as we accelerate our career, experience shows that one of our most critical systems but the most important, education, work dangerously wrong. What is currently happening with education, even in so-called "best colleges" is woefullyanachronistic. Parents rely on education to prepare children for life in the future, teachers warn that lack of education destroy the child's opportunities in the world of tomorrow with an education of the past.
To help prevent the total failure of education is to create a new educational system based on our culture and consciousness towards participation in conjunction with group discipline, wemust seek to achieve our goals and methods in the socialist future of our roots, not the past. Each society has its own characteristic attitude from the past, present and future. This temporal approach taken in response to the pace of change is one of the less crucial but more aware of social behavior, and is clearly reflected in the way that society prepares its young people for adult life.

Instagnant societies for religion and capitalism, the past enters the present and repeated in the future. In societies of this kind, the most sensible way to prepare a child, was arm him with knowledge of the past, as these were exactly the same as those needed in the future. "Wisdom is in the ancients." He said the Bible. So the father transmitted to his son all kinds of practical techniques alongwith a clearly defined set of values ​​and completely traditional. Knowledge was, is transmitted not by specialists in schools, but through the family, churches, religions and learning. Teachers and students are scattered throughout the community, in any case, the key system is its absolute dedication to yesterday. The course of the past was the past itself. The socialist era did away with allthis, because the process requires another type of child, youth, men and women requires knowledge that neither the family nor the church alone can offer. Requires a change in

the value system, and above all requires a person to develop a new sense of time.
Mass education to overcome illiteracy was the ingenious machine built for socialism to produce the kind of adults they are needed. The problemremains complex. How children retrain a new system?. In a world of repetitive tasks, separated families, smoke, noise, indolence, indifference, of sorts, to a world of opportunities in life, joy, integration and collective discipline. The solution is an educational system that in its very structure, adopt the new system. This world did not come instantly, even today, retains elements of thesystem backward past, teaching administrative hierarchy that follows the development of the educational bureaucracy model, knowledge without discipline whose foundations are permanent and methodological assumptions about the past
Thus the educational life is a mirror of the past almost military regulations, lack of individualization in the child's ability, rigid system of classrooms, groups, degreesand titles, authoritarian role of the teacher, are precisely the elements that made ​​public the mediocrity mass as an instrument of adaptation. Young people who passed through this machine and go out and leave teaching to adult society whose employment structure, functions and institutions is similar to that of the school.

Currently pursued by the absurdity of trying to educate, to a mind thatcan not be defined. Thus, the socialist educational system has not fully adapted to the era of revolution, and as the need arises for a new revolution in education, the progressive reformers of yesterday and tomorrow must be futuristic and education only be advanced to time spent in the quick race to place men and women of good, ready to make a contribution to society and the country invests...
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