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Hi classmates
We’ll give you a small exercise class
I remind you that there are two important things to start any exercise.
First, use the appropriate clothing and shoes.
The second, warm-updepending of the activity.
The best warm-up from this activity is run between 15 or 20 minutes to reach a maximum frequency heart/heart rate between 120 and 140.
Of course, this varies for eachperson.
To achieve this you need to start little by little.
The routine could something like this:
You start with a walk about one minute, then you start to trot about 5 minutes, after you start to run.For the end we return.
Start to trot and then start to walk after you stop.
Well, after this comes the stretch to provide the muscle for flexibility.
Each exercise has duration of 10 seconds.There are about 30 exercises to do a good stretch, but only I’ll explain some.
Well, I explain the exercise and I do for understand me.
Ok? This is my didactic material. And for some strengthexercise you can visit this page. BODYROCK. It has a very good routins.
The first is leaning in a wall without separating heels.
Trying to stretch the calf.
The second are the arms.
Fold one back of thehead and the other pushed him toward the inside of your back.
Until one day you can achieve under, like this.
The third is with the feet cross.
You try to put your hands on the floor and this legpushes the other to stretch.
And do the same with the other leg.
The fourth is a simple to stretch the groin.
It’s important to do this exercise good because you can hurt.
The knee should not passthe tiptoe.
It makes an angle of 90 degrees or more.
And then we go to the floor.
One leg like this and the other fold.
And then you try to paste the chest to the leg, head to the knee and touchwith your hand the heels like this.
Here stretch a lot the back leg, the knee, the back, and the foot.
This exercise and the past use to do a split.
Another exercise is sitting in the same ways...
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