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I'm Not Down
The Clash
Tom: A

Tom :E
Intro: A, C#m, F#m, B, A, C#m, F#m, B,
B/A, B/G#, B/F#, D,D/C#, E, E
Intro (Play Chorus)
Verse I
(E) A F#m E
If it's true a rich man leads a sadlife,
C#m D
that's what the say from day to day
A F#m E
then what doall the poor do with their lives
C#m D
on Judgement Day with nothin' to say?
I've been beat up I've been thrown out
F#m B
but I'm not down oh, I'm not down
I've been shown up but I've grown up and
F#m B
I'm not down oh I'm not down
B/A B/G# B/F#D D/C# E
Verse II
On My own I faced a gang of jeering
In strange streets oh
When my nerves were pumping and I fought my fear inI did not run, I was not done
E A C#m
Yes I lived that kind of dayEm7 D
when none of your sorrows will go away

go down and down and hit the floor,
D/C#down and down and down somemore
A C#m Em7
But I know, there'll be someway...
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