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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Executive Summary for Arbor/Cisco Clean Pipes 2.0 Solution Functional and Performance Test Results
To test and certify Cisco/Arbor Clean Pipes v2.0 and demonstrate on-demand mitigationcapability, empowered by timely and accurate attack detection, classification and trace back.

Products Tested
The Arbor Networks® Peakflow® SP and Peakflow SP Threat Management System products(“Peakflow SP”) (“Peakflow SP TMS”) were tested.

Summary of Functional and Performance Tests
− − − Detection and mitigation of attacks from spoofed and non-spoofed source IP addresses. Detection andmitigation of TCP connection-based attacks. Packets-per-second (pps) performance measurements.

Test Bed

Conclusions (Please refer to actual document for individual test results.)
− “Results haveshown that the Peakflow SP and Peakflow SP TMS solutions have the capability to detect and mitigate a wide variety of distributed denial of Service (DDoS) threats representative of those seen on theInternet today.” “Results of the functional and performance tests validate that the Peakflow SP/TMS solution is a recommended migration path for customers with Cisco Guard deployments.”

1 HTTP Attack Tests

Example of Test Results (refer to actual document for details).

Screen shots from Traffic Generator and Peakflow products.

Performance Tests

Performance Tests

Formore information regarding Arbor Peakflow solutions, please contact your Arbor representative or visit


About Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks is a leading provider of secureservice control solutions for global business networks. Its customers include a majority of the world’s ISPs and many large enterprises. Arbor solutions deliver best-in-class network security andvisibility, along with the power to improve profitability by deploying differentiated, revenue-generating services. By employing flow-based and deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies, Arbor...
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