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Today there are many advances on technology and health that make life better and more durable but can´t say that all progress has been goodbecause the scientists have also done experiments detrimental to humanity.

Scientists are supposed to discover and invent products for the good of humanity, unfortunately they have left some ethicalvalues aside and just invent experiments to have power or be recognized without important consequences, one example is the atomic bomb or cloning.

All this poses serious problems, mainly ethical. Theproblem posed in "Frankenstein" might move to that now exists around cloning. First began to clone animals, the following would make exact copies and perfect human bodies as a reason that would be ofgreat benefit in the case of transplanting and therefore would save many lives. As regards this point, it became first a firm promise that the technique of cloning would never apply to creation ofhuman beings in their wholeness, that is, it wouldn´t be used as a means to give life to men replacing completely the reproduction characteristic of embryonic human beings on the other artificial. Todaythey say that scientists, lacking the promise that once made mankind are considering using cloning to give rise to human beings, they argue that in this way they will improve the species, that thingswill advance faster, live better so that soon we will rise to a higher level of existence and prolong human life.

Is this really true? Will it improve on something cloning our living conditions?Obviously yes, because this technique can become what we want, making man a kind of superman insensitive to pain and death, able to perform any wonder they are determined to.

We therefore raise therank of gods view so the secret of life in our hands and the world at our feet. This is clearly positive, through a simple process of manipulating the human genome evolution by enabling individuals...
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