Coach carter

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English Advanced V

Coach Carter Movie

Desire, effort and education can be considerate important tools needed by students to reach their achievements in life. In the movie, “Coach Carter”directed by Thomas Carter, no one believes in the basketball team of Richmond High School, whose players demonstrate lack of interest in their education, values, future and lives. It will be thanks to theperseverance and discipline of an unusual coach that these teenagers will give themselves a second chance to be someone with a successful life.
Ken Carter is not a normal basketball coach. It seemsto be not the first time he is working at Richmond. Eventually he will be paid, but that is not the principal reason why is he accepting the job. Coach Carter seems to understand students at publicschools and knows how to treat and work with their defensive attitude. His personality is direct and strict, he looks like a rude professor but his goal is not just to scare teenagers but also toimpose discipline and respect for him and all the players of the team. He is a good person; he preferred to coach at a low economic school because he thinks that with some help and dedication those playerswill decide what is better for them in their own lives and learn how to correct their future to achieve university education thanks to a sportive scholarship. He understands that sometimes is not thestudent’s fault but the student of the environment which do not care about the future of their young population.
Sometimes teenagers believe that studying at a public school or having a difficulteconomic situation are enough reasons for them to not even try their best to be someone in life. The problem increase when it is not only the adolescent but the people in their community the ones whodo not believe in their young generations. When students do not know what they are going to do with their lives, issues as drugs, robbery, and pregnancy appear, complicating the challenge to surpass...
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