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The original model was composed of three main components, this components are the central executive which acts as supervisory system and controls the flow of information from and to its slave system.The phonological Loop and the Visuo-spatial sketchpad . The slave system are short-term storage systems dedicated to a content domain.
There is a distinction of two domain specific slave systemin the older model was derived from experimental findings with dual task paradigms. Performance of two simultaneous task requiring the use of two separate perceptual domains is as efficient asperformance of the task individually. On the other hand when a person tries to carry out two task at the same time that use the same perceptual domain, performance is less efficient than when performingthe tasks individually.
The central executive is a system responsible for the control and regulation of cognitive processes. Some of its functions include binding information from a number ofsources into coherent episode, coordination of the slave system, shifting between task or retrieval strategies and selective attention and inhibition.
The phonological loop deals with sound aphonological information. It consist of two parts, the short term phonological store that has auditory memory traces and articulatory rehearsal component that can revive the memory traces.
There were afew finding that provided evidence for the phonological loop, some of this were the effect of phonological similarly, the effect of ariculatory suppression, transfer of information between codes, andneuropsychological evidence.
The visuo spatial sketchpad is assumed to hold information about what we see. It is use in the temporary storage and manipulation of spatial and visual information,such as remembering shapes and colors, or the location or speed of objects. It is also involved in task which involved planning of spatial movements, like planning one’s way through a complex...
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