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MAY 2011.



Diversity of fauna and flora in Colombia comes a variety of cuisine mainly Creole, with little influence fromforeign cuisines. The Colombian dishes in preparation and ingredients vary by region and incorporate the cultural traditions of Spanish, mestizo and Afro. Some of the most common ingredients in the preparations are cereals such as rice and maize, tubers such as potato and cassava varieties of legumes (beans), meat as the vaccine, chicken, pork, goat, guinea pig and other wild animals seafood. Itis important to the variety of tropical fruits like mango, banana, papaya, guava, passion fruit and lulo.
Colombia does not have a national dish, although very recognized the stew and corn bread in its different variants. Among the most representative regional dishes are the chili sauce from Santa Fe, the bandeja paisa, mote of cheese, suckling Tolima, castor bean or beef to the plains, the muteSantander, the tamales and fish, especially in coastal regions.
In the Caribbean coast the most popular dish is the stew, which varies in preparation and ingredients: tripe stew, ribs, pigeon pea with salted meat, tail, fish, shellfish, turtle, chicken and goat , among other species. Other dishes are fried like arepas made from corn (also available grilled), of which the egg is the most famous,the pie, the plantains, the cassava-based carimañolas the friche (based on the viscera of the goat) and quibbes; dairy such as cheese and whey coastal atollabuey, especially the buns accompanying corn or cassava, fish in various preparations as bocachico or tilapia, seafood casserole, cocktails seafood, rice and coconut rice with plain rice, forest animals in different preparations as Icotea, turtleor pisingo fried, sweet as enyucado, joys, cakes or coconut candies, drinks like water panela, the raspao, juice and tamarind corozo, including alcoholic beverages, rum, fruits like watermelon, guava, sapote, loquat, sugar apple, soursop, tamarind, corozo, and cashew and multiple preparations like Cayey, the sausages, the head of a cat, cake and hayacas, among others.
In the Andean region aretypical dishes of the Tolima region (departments of Tolima and Huila) and suckling pig and the tamale, rice and meat mixture, chicken, pork and soft grains wrapped in banana leaves. Cundiboyacense kitchen offers dishes such as masato, chicha, the fried foods and wines, among which stand changua or potato soup, stew santafereño, chili and other specialties such as pork cuchuco fishbone, preparationsFish River as the widower of fish, mashed ripe banana cubios with the cooked beans and guatila, spinach cake, sweet as the sandwich veleño, passion fruit foams, custard of milk, curd melao , sweets and papayuela gooseberries, the flirty and cake or flan almojabana muisca. In the kitchen Antioquia highlights ingredients like cocoa, sugar cane, corn, trout, beef, native fruits such as guava andpineapple, bananas, beans and coffee. The bandeja paisa is the typical dish of this region and has sometimes been considered to be representative dish of Colombia. Also included dishes such as beans Antioquia, Antioquia the stew, tripe Antioquia, the hogao, the warmed, the sticks and corn bread varieties: the traditional arepa paisa, corn arepas pelao or Santander for which peeling corn in water withashes, and yew are roasted in clay, chocolate and arepas with quesito Antioquia, among others, the "old clothes" and the spirit with its variety of mistelas (Antioquia and Coffee), among others. Santander is typical of the ground pumpkin, prepared from the viscera of the goat and rice (rice with fricassee), the mute, the flesh oread; ass ants, and black pudding, also known as fill. In the...
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