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Tomado de : (Project DOTU: Document The Undocumented VERSION: 2001.08.25) (Heinz Ulm's collection of undocumented OSPF, EIGRP and interface commands with samples

aaa accounting delay-start
[12.1] [hidden] global configuration command aaa accounting delay-start delays creation of the PPP Networkstart record until the peer IP address is known.

aaa authorization address-authorization-exec
[12.1] [hidden] configuration command forces address authorization for PPP when started from an exec.

aaa group server {radius | tacacs+} server-group-name server ip-address-1 [auth-port port-number] [acct-port port-number] server ip-address-2 [auth-port port-number] [acct-port port-number]deadtime minutes pick-method [next | load-balanced | round-robin]
[hidden] pick-method server-group configuration command is used to specify an alternate method of selecting servers when one is not responding. As of 12.0(3)T the load-balanced and round-robin alternatives may be specified but may not be implemented. The Load-balanced keyword indicates that the initial host is selected load-balanced. TheRound-robin keyword indicates that the initial host is selected in a round-robin method with all servers being retried before starting from the beginning of the list of servers. The Next keyword indicates that the list of servers is stepped through sequentially with each request always starting with the first server in the list. This last option is the default method of operation.

aaa nas portdescription text
[hidden] global configuration command causes the specified text to appear in TACACS+ accounting records with the attribute nas-description and the value of the text specified in the command. This command is useful during debugging allowing one to specify information about the environment or configuration in which the accounting record was generated.

access-list number remarkcomment and ip access-list extended name remark comment
[12.1]To add comments about the access list. This keyword is documented under Bug Id CSCdk14543.

atm allow-max-vci
interface command, will allow the cisco 7000 use VCI's above 1023.

bgp common-administration bgp dynamic-med-interval

bgp process-dpa boot system rom

boot module

bundle-enable command800-series

call-history-mib retain-timer (value)
[global] effects the size of the isdn history table

carrier delay value
[12.1] Modifies the carrier delay time. A value of 0 disables the carrier delay clear crashdump 1 to cleanup an old crashdump

clear ip eigrp [as] event
Clear IP-EIGRP event logs

clear ip eigrp [as] logging
Stop IP-EIGRP event logging

clear profile
Clears CPUprofiling

clear startup-config
same as erase startup-config)

clear vtemplate
reset virtual templates

clock rate { 1200 | [...]| 2015232 }
[hidden] There is an anomaly between what is documented, what is displayed and what is entered for this command. The documentation indicates the command is clock rate and this is what IOS shows as the valid command in configuration mode. However, aconfiguration display shows the command as clockrate as this is how is saved in nvram. In addition, older rom monitors do not understand the newer clock rate command which would cause problems. What actually happens here is that clockrate is implemented as a hidden command and is not completed by pressing tab and nor is there any help generated for it. But both clockrate and clock rate are acceptedand there should be no problem in cutting and pasting the configurations.

config overwrite copy core ?
Does a full core dump, as write core but with more options

csim start
Emulate a voice call

debug buffer
Additional buffer debugging

debug buffer failure
Buffer Allocation failures debugging

debug crypto isakmp detail
Crypto ISAKMP internals debugging

debug crypto...
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