Como funciona el sistema nervioso de un tiburon

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Early history and empire:
The Slavs developed towns and began to trade with people the area. In the AD 800s Vikings,called Russ, traders from Scandinavia invade the Slavs. The Russ created the first Russian state among the Slavs. The Russian state was where the capital of Ukraine, Kiev is now.
Over the years,missionaries introduced the Orthodox Christian faith to Kiev. The missionaries also introduce the Greek alphabet called Cyrillic. The Russians adopted the alphabet and they still use it today.
In the1200s, fierce Mongol invaders called Tatars swept out Central Asia and conquered Kiev. The Russian prince where allowed, by the Mongols, to rule over local states. In time, Muscovy became thestrongest state and its main city was Moscow.
Ivan III seized control from the Mongols. But his grandson, Ivan IV crowned himself czar. He had total power, he was a cruel and savage ruler, and became knownas Ivan the Terrible.
Later on, Muscovy developed into the country of Russia. Strong emperors like Peter the Great and Catherine the Great build Russia into a huge empire and a world power.Russia remained a largly a country

The Cyrillic alphabet is named after St. Cyril, a missionary from Byzantium. It was invented sometime during the 10th century AD. The Cyrillic alphabetachieved its current form in 1708 during the reign of Peter the Great. Four letters were eliminated from the alphabet in a 1917/18 reform.
The Cyrillic alphabet has been adapted to write over 50different languages, mainly in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In many cases additional letters are used, some of which are adaptations of standard Cyrillic letters, while others are taken fromthe Greek or Latin alphabets.

мама | granny's kid | вулкан | a geological zit |
папа | the other granny's kid | табак | avoid this |
акт | part of a...
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