Components of operating system

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Components of an operating system

Operating systems are composed of three layers: the core, and interpreter services Mandates or Shell.

The kernel is the operating system that interactsdirectly with the hardware of the machine. The kernel functions are focused on resource management, as the processor, treatment interruptions and core functions
Memory Handling

Also known by its Englishname, Shell is a program that interprets user commands and converts them to system calls.

The editors, compilers, assemblers, linkers and shells are definitely not part of the operating system,although important and useful. The Shell is the shell, despite not being part of the operating system, makes heavy use of many features of the operating system and thus serves as a good example of howyou can use system calls.

The services are usually grouped by functionality into several components,
Each of which deals with the following functions:

• Process Management. Responsible for thecreation, planning and destruction of processes.

• Memory management. Component responsible for what parts of memory are free and which occupied, as well as memory allocation and release processesaccording to need.

• Management of the EIS. Is charged with facilitating the management of peripheral devices.

• Managing files and directories. Responsible for managing files and directories of1a and secondary storage management,

• Communication and synchronization processes. Responsible for providing mechanisms processes can communicate and synchronize.

• Safety and Security. Thiscomponent is responsible for ensuring the users and define what they can do each of them with the resources of the system.

An operating system is a program that has entrusted a number of differentfunctions aimed at simplifying the management and use of the computer, making it safe and efficient.

The classical functions of the operating system can be grouped into the three categories are:...