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LF411 Low Offset, Low Drift JFET Input Operational Amplifier

August 2000

LF411 Low Offset, Low Drift JFET Input Operational Amplifier
General Description
These devices are low cost, high speed, JFET input operational amplifiers with very low input offset voltage and guaranteed input offset voltage drift. They require low supply current yet maintain a large gain bandwidth product and fastslew rate. In addition, well matched high voltage JFET input devices provide very low input bias and offset currents. The LF411 is pin compatible with the standard LM741 allowing designers to immediately upgrade the overall performance of existing designs. These amplifiers may be used in applications such as high speed integrators, fast D/A converters, sample and hold circuits and many othercircuits requiring low input offset voltage and drift, low input bias current, high input impedance, high slew rate and wide bandwidth.

n n n n n n n n n n n Internally trimmed offset voltage: Input offset voltage drift: Low input bias current: Low input noise current: Wide gain bandwidth: High slew rate: Low supply current: High input impedance: Low total harmonic distortion: Low 1/fnoise corner: Fast settling time to 0.01%: 0.5 mV(max) 10 µV/˚C(max) 50 pA 0.01 pA/√Hz 3 MHz(min) 10V/µs(min) 1.8 mA 1012Ω ≤0.02% 50 Hz 2 µs

Typical Connection

Connection Diagrams
Metal Can Package


Note: Pin 4 connected to case.


Top View Order Number LF411ACH or LF411MH/883 (Note 11) See NS Package Number H08A Dual-In-Line Package

Ordering Information
LF411XYZX indicates electrical grade Y indicates temperature range “M” for military “C” for commercial Z indicates package type “H” or “N”


Top View Order Number LF411ACN, LF411CN See NS Package Number N08E

BI-FET II™ is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.

© 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation



Absolute Maximum Ratings(Note 1)
If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. LF411A Supply Voltage Differential Input Voltage Input Voltage Range (Note 2) Output Short Circuit Duration Continuous Continuous H Package Power Dissipation (Notes 3, 10) 670 mW 670 mW (Note 5) LF411A Min VOS ∆VOS/∆T IOS Input OffsetVoltage Average TC of Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current VS= ± 15V (Notes 5, 7) IB Input Bias Current VS= ± 15V (Notes 5, 7) RIN AVOL Input Resistance Large Signal Voltage Gain VO VCM CMRR PSRR IS Output Voltage Swing Input Common-Mode Voltage Range Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio Supply Current 1.8 2.8 (Note 8) 80 100 RS≤10k 80 Tj=25˚C VS= ± 15V, VO= ± 10V,RL=2k, TA=25˚C Over Temperature VS= ± 15V, RL=10k 25 200 50 Tj=25˚C Tj=70˚C Tj=125˚C Tj=25˚C Tj=70˚C Tj=125˚C 1012 200 50 25 100 2 25 200 4 50 RS=10 kΩ, TA=25˚C RS=10 kΩ (Note 6) Typ 0.3 7 Max 0.5 10 N Package LF411 Tjmax θjA

H Package 150˚C 162˚C/W (Still Air) 65˚C/W (400 LF/min Air Flow) θ jC Operating Temp. Range Storage Temp. Range Lead Temp. (Soldering, 10 sec.) ESD Tolerance 260˚C 20˚C/W(Note 4)

N Package 115˚C 120˚C/W

± 22V ± 38V ± 19V

± 18V ± 30V ± 15V

(Note 4)

−65˚C≤TA≤150˚C −65˚C≤TA≤150˚C 260˚C

Rating to be determined.

DC Electrical Characteristics
Symbol Parameter


LF411 Min Typ 0.8 7 25 Max 2.0 20 (Note 6) 100 2 25 50 200 4 50 1012 25 15 200 200

Units mV µV/˚C pA nA nA pA nA nA Ω V/mV V/mV V V V dB dB 3.4 mA

± 12 ± 16

± 13.5
+19.5−16.5 100

± 12 ± 11
70 70

± 13.5
+14.5 −11.5 100 100 1.8

AC Electrical Characteristic
Symbol SR GBW en in Slew Rate Gain-Bandwidth Product Equivalent Input Noise Voltage Equivalent Input Noise Current Parameter

(Note 5) Conditions Min LF411A Typ 15 4 25 0.01 Max Min 8 2.7 10 3 LF411 Typ 15 4 25 0.01 Max V/µs MHz Units

VS= ± 15V, TA=25˚C VS= ± 15V, TA=25˚C TA=25˚C, RS=100Ω, f=1...
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