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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Tipes of computer:

Destop pc

Labtops: Notebook / netbooks.

Tablet pc

Pocket pc

Super pc

What is the differences between notebooks and netbooks?
Notebooks are big labtops besidesnetbooks aresmall labtops that does not have Cd/ Dvd roms.

Computer are made of the following basic components:

Case with gardware inside:
Hardware: is the fisical part of a pc.
Software:instalible programs

Power supply: This gives power to the components-

Motherboard: Is the basic board that has the ports, ships, electronic parts and slots.

Processor: This is the brain of thecomputer where everything is processed and calculated in addition all what we do is done by the processor.

Rams: (Ramdom Acces Memory) it is the memory that lets you acces to the operating system .besides it lets you turn on the computer.

Hard disk: It is a fisical disk that has magnetic are. Where we can save data files and also where we install operating system-
There are different tipes ofhard disk: internal and external
Pata hardisk: is parallel ata
Sata hard disk: serial ata.

Sata hardisk are ten times faster than pata hardisk.
External hard disk are connected to Usb.

Cd/DvdRom It’s a renivebke cinoibebt ysed fir cds abd dvds.

Floppl: It is a small disk storage device.
Monitor: It s the display unit. Iike a tv it let s us to see how the pc respond our commands.Keyboard: it is the unit where the users type text, commands and controlthe pc.

Mouse: It is the unit with a cord that controls an arrow or cursor on the screen, . To select open or controlprograms, files or documents we click on them.

Laptops are portable computers it has an integrated keyboard also a touchpad as a mouse.
Labtops have more advantages because you can takeit to whererever you want.

Operating systems

There are different kinds, I will mention some of them. For example:

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows millennium
Windows xp...
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