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Communication technology has become an important part of our life and it has been helping us to have a better way to communicate and to do business all over the world. There are some reasons that weneed to identify such as the advantages that if we gave the correct use of this kind of technology so it will bring good benefits. On the other hand the disadvantages can be bigger than the positivethings in this case because when the people don’t have the correct use of these tools, it can be harmful for their development. These things had changed and are changing for this reason it always ischanging the lifestyle of all people around the globe; it is a big fact. Some of these tools that are using to transmit, receive, collect and distribute information are: computers, internet, email andmobile phones, and it are associated with modern communication technology.
In the past the communication was made by hands, such as letters and postals. In that moment was very useful to expressdifferent ideas about the experiences and needs. However, this way of communication spent a lot of days traveling long distances even overseas to finally be received, but nowadays are done with just aclick in the computers, so it is cheaper and quick. With the world globalization, communication technology is breaking the language and geographic barriers keeping the family communication, forexample, in the case of international students, in order to maintain the contact with their family, friends and culture.
Develop of technology has become part of the people’s lifestyle and also of theirculture. Nowadays is continuing increasing rapidly, because the technology needs to improve day by day as a consequence of business. Basically, the technology is the best way to simplify differentkinds of job, and this is a result of maximize the time and can spend less energy. Other main point of technology advance is the facilities that the people can have in the academic lifestyle. The...
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