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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2009
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Concord Bookshop paper

Concord Bookshop paper
The business arena is passing though major changes around the world. Concord Bookshop noticed thesechanges when the profit margins became tighter. Organizations cannot stay in the back seat and let the companies go without doing anything because this action will create insecurities in theorganization’s future. Once the organization starts to experience different situations with changes taking place around them, it requires a solid platform that ensures that organizational success. These changesneed to be made to follow an organizational change process in order to improve the chances of success. Concord Bookshop does not take into consideration all the aspect of the organizational changesprocess resulting in organizational failure.
(Mark Connelly [Connelly, M.], n.d.) Kurt Lewin structured a process trying to have an effective and long lasting change. Basically the Idea is tounfreeze the old ideas, change it and refreeze the new ideas. It is important to recognize changes and understand the process that it involves. The first step in the organizational change process is(unfreeze) to assess the need for a change and make sure that the organization can absorb or resist these changes. Concord Bookshop saw the necessity of the changes (Spector, 2010, p. 2) “when independentbooksellers are reeling from competition from chain and internet.” If their problem was the technology, they should re-evaluate the organization structure and make changes to compete with technologyand probably re-structure their operations. Concord Workshop failed to make sure that the organization can absorb those changes. Sometimes organization need to make fast changes but if their staff isnot capable for big changes the organization needs to find the way to make a smooth transition.
Once the decision is made, it is time for implementation (Change), this is the decisive part....
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