Configurar cliente lotus notes para acceder a cuentas gmail

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How to Configure Lotus Notes for Gmail Access
I've recently begun a bit more off-site travel and have decided to take VIC with me on my laptop. My email provider has changed their security so thatthey only accept connections from the range of IP addresses that they serve. How do I work around this?
Simple: set up a Gmail account (if you need an invitation, contact me). Now, you can continueto use your existing email address for your incoming (pop3) mail or you can use the gmail address. For outgoing mail, though, use Gmail's SMTP server. Simple in theory and in fact; however, therearen't any instructions on the Gmail site to tell you how to do this. They tell you how to configure just about everything there is except Notes. Here's how to set it up in Notes 6.5:

1. Go to yourPersonal Address book, then from the menu select View, then Advanced, then Accounts.
2. Edit your Outgoing Internet Mail document. It's the one where the protocol is SMTP.
3. On the Basics tab, use thefollowing settings:
Account name: Anything you like. Mine is "Outgoing Internet Mail"
Account server name:
Login name:
Password: your Gmail passwordProtocol: SMTP
SSL: Enabled
Only from location(s): Anything you like. I've enabled mine for * (all locations)
4. On the Advanced tab, use the following settings:
Port number: 465
Accept SSL sitecertificates: Yes
Accept expired SSL certificate: Yes
Send SSL certificates when asked: No
Verify account server name with remote server's certificate: Disabled
SSL protocol version: Version 3.0 with2.0 handshake

Now, you shouldn't have to change your incoming mail server unless you just want to use the Gmail account. Then again, you may want to set up a second account for Gmail so you canpull it into one location (I do it the other way 'round and tell Gmail to forward all of my mail to my normal account). For completeness, here's how to set up POP access (for incoming mail) to the...
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