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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2010
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A large area of mostly unexplored sub-arctic wasteland and coniferous forest called the Siberian taiga lies just south of the arctic tundra. Yakutia is an area of one hundred square kilometers whichis very sparsely populated wilderness.

One particular area is said to contain strange dome shaped objects or iron houses half buried in the permafrost. Local legends associate the domes with theancient demons of the taiga and the local inhabitants tell tales of the odd effects they have on wildlife and people. An unknown illness which kills those who stay too long caused the local tribes tocall the place 'Uliuiu Cherkechekh' The valley of death.

The dome-shaped objects are said to be made of a copper-like metal, only it can't be scatched or damaged, has razor-sharp edges and isunlike any known material.

The thing is that even a sharpened cold chisel will not mark the ‘cauldrons’ (we tried more than once). The metal doesn’t break off and can’t be hammered. On copper a hammerwould definitely have left noticeable dents. But this ‘copper’ is covered over with a layer of some unknown material resembling emery. Yet it’s not an oxidation layer and not scale — it can’t bechipped or scratched either. Mikhail Koretsky

The domes are scattered throughout a large area and there are said to be many of them. Some are standing on columns while others appear to have sunken intothe ground leaving only the dome on top visable. Most have a small man-hole like cover or opening on the very top. Inside them the temperature is warm despite the bitter cold outside and there areeven reports of people seeing the bodies of 'black one-eyed beings'. This along with nearby patches of odd vegitation and the illness with which thier visitors become afflicted, make the stories of thedomes very intriguing and certainly worthy of further investigation.

Some people claim that the domes tie in to the Tunguska incident and other reports of fireballs both falling from the sky and...
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