Continuidad de negocios

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Talking Business Continuity

10 things you should know about Business Continuity Management
1. People support what they help create This is especially true for Business Continuity Management. Allemployees should have a basic understanding of the principles of business continuity management, and its importance to the company. Employees should also be actively involved in the planning processfor their own business unit. If the board is worried that BCM will be seen as another short term fad that won’t keep the interest of staff then make sure that all employees are involved in itsdevelopment. 2. Business Continuity Management is not the same as Disaster Recovery BCM aims to proactively manage all business processes, assets, facilities, supply chains and human resources to ensure thatthe business will function at its highest capacity. This is distinct from disaster recovery-based planning which concentrates on ensuring that IT contingency plans and procedures are in place toreturn to business as usual as soon as possible after a crisis. Business continuity management does not neglect disaster recovery, but it sees it as a sub category. 3. Business Continuity Management is notjust about the plans Remind the board that BCM will address those issues that place the company at risk. Since these are the issues that the board deals with everyday and are linked to the strategicgoals of the company then the board will ‘get’ why it is important. Then work with them to identify the support functions necessary to deliver those goals and base your BCM around those. As GeneralEisenhower said ‘When planning for war, I have always found plans to be useless, but planning to be invaluable.’ 4. Business Continuity Management can help differentiate companies Having a BCM programmein place means you can illustrate to customers or clients how you may be able to recover your operation within just a few hours if you were say to lose your capability to operate from your existing...
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