Contraceptives methods

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Contraceptive methods offer women the possibility of conducting both personal and professional projects, without being limited by multiple and consecutive pregnancies. In addition, the couple provided a more satisfying sex, eliminating the anxiety associated with the expectation of an unwanted pregnancy.


Is a behavioral methods that people can do in anatural way to prevent pregnancy

One of the most natural contraceptive method is the coitus interruptus, involves the man withdrawing his penis from the vagina before ejaculation, this prevents sperm from being deposited in the vagina and subsequently fertilizing an ovum.
How does it work?

• If more than one intercourse takesplace in a short time frame, before insertion the man should urinate and wipe off the tip of his penis to remove any sperm remaining from a previous ejaculation.
• The penis should be removed prior to ejaculation and ejaculation should occur away from his partner’s genitals.
The withdrawal doesn´t protect you from STIs and HIV.

Fertility awareness-based methodsattempt to determine the days in a woman’s menstrual cycle when she is fertile, that is, when an ovum has been released from the ovary and is capable of being fertilized. Fertility awareness-based methods either estimate when ovulation is most likely to occur or indicates when ovulation has already taken place. These methods are most useful when a woman has regular and predictable menstrual cyclesFertility awareness-based methods offer the advantages of being safe and inexpensive. For some couples, religious convictions make fertility awareness-based methods the only acceptable method of birth control. Fertility awareness-based methods require that both partners have a strong commitment to use the techniques correctly and consistently.

This method involves in the count of days in themenstrual cycle and the girl have to know which day of her menstrual cycle she is on, they between fertile between day 8 to day 19 counting 1 as the first day of menstruation. This method will be success if the woman have regular cycles, not shorter than 26 day or longer than 32.


Refraining from penetrative sex provides 100% protection from pregnancy, and offers effectiveprevention of transmission of sexually transmitted infections as well.

Calendar methods:

A woman makes an estimate of the days she is fertile based on past menstrual cycle length. She does this with the expectation that the length of her current cycle, and thus the time of her fertile phase.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Women who use this method must chart their temperatureevery day, immediately after waking up and before getting out of bed or drinking any liquids.

Symptom-Thermal Method

This method combines several techniques to predict ovulation.
It typically includes monitoring and charting cervical mucus and position and temperature changes on a daily basis and may include other signs of ovulation

Natural contraceptive methods are a 98% effective.BARRIER CONRACEPTIVE METHODS

Barrier contraceptives are devices that provide a physical barrier between the sperm and the egg.

It‘s put on a man's erect penis and physically blocks ejaculated semen from entering the body of a sexual partner.
There’s also a female condom,


It is a soft latex or silicone dome with a spring molded into the rim. The spring creates a sealagainst the walls of the vagina.

Cervical Cap:

A cervical cap fits over the cervix and blocks sperm from entering the uterus through the external orifice of the uterus, called the os.


Sponges work in two ways:
1ª The sponge is inserted into the vagina, so it can cover the cervix and prevent any sperm from entering the uterus
2ª The sponge is produced with spermicide...
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