Conversation class-intermediate

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Conversation class: Best Friends
Part 1: Before watching the video
a.Do you enjoy watching comedy films? Do you have any favourites? What are they?
b.Do you recognise any of theactors in the photos? Who are they? Do you know any of the films they appear in? What did you think of them?

2.You are going to watch two film extracts.
a.The first extract begins: “We’d better getback to the hotel and get our things packed because the boat sails at 12 o’clock”.
b.The second extract begins “I want my ball back”.
c.What do you think happens in the extracts? Where are they?Part 2: While watching the video
3. Watch the first extract and answer the questions.
a.The man tells his friend that he may lose his job if he doesn’t go back home and the man replies “So what?”What does he mean by this reply? This doesn’t matter, it’s not important.
b.What are the two men drinking? How do you know they are sharing? They’re drinking milk and they’re sharing because theyonly have one glass with two straws.
c.Fill in the gaps of the following rhyme Ollie wrote.
Roses are __red______
Candy is ____sweet_____
This is something I sent you to __eat_____
4.Watch thesecond extract and answer the questions.
a.The man suggests that the only way to get the ball is by climbing up:
1.A tree?
2.A drainpipe?
3.A wall?
b.One of the boys says “I’ll tell me brother” Ifthe men don’t retrieve the ball. And them another boy says: “His brother’s bigger than you!” Why do you think the men quickly agree to get the ball? The fact that the boy says his brother is bigger thanthe two men is suggesting the brother might physically harm the men if they don’t get the ball.
c.The two men have to decide who is going to get the ball, so one says:
1.fair’s good 2. fair’sfair fair’s best
d.As the man is rescued, a bystander says: “Suicide__was it?” What is the missing word? Why do you think he suggests this? He suggests this because people can commit suicide by...
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