Conversation in the hotel

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Conversation in the hotel

HERNANDEZ: Good evening, Madam
PINEDA: Good evening, I have a reservation
H: And your name, madam?
H: Could you spell that, please?
P: P-I-N-E-D-A
H:Thank you, Mrs. Pineda, yes a single room and shower for six nights
P: That’s right
H: Could you just sign here, please?
P: Yes, of course.
H: Thank you, Madam, here’s you key.
It’s room 738 onthe seventh floor
H: Would you like a porter?
P: Yes, please.
H: I’ll just call him Enjoy your stay
P: Thank you.

Asking for a flight

HERNANDEZ: Good Morning! The Travel Agency TACAINTERNATIONAL. My name is: Karla Sanchez.
H: Can I help you?
P: Good Morning! I need confirm my Flight Leaves at 6:00 pm the Wednesday to London.
H: Well. Can you give me the personal information?Please!
P: Yes. My name is: Maria Esperanza Pineda.
H: Ok. Hold on a moment on the line please, to check your personal information.
P: Sure!
H: Ok. Their flight leaves at 6:00 pm to London.
P: Thankyou Miss. Sanchez.
H: You are Wellcome Miss. Constanza enjoy your flight!

Asking for a flight

CONSTANZA: Good evening, airplanes TACA, can I help you?
HERNANDEZ: Good evening, yes, I needreservation to travel the wednesday, I need the prices to London.
C: Ok,
C: Could you spell that, please?
H: H-E-R-N-A-N-D-E-Z
C: Thank you, Mrs. Hernandez, yes a single room andshower for six nights
H: That’s right
C: Could you just sign here, please?
H: Yes, of course.
C: Thank you, Madam, here’s you key.
It’s room 738 on the seventh floor
C: Would you like a porter?H: Yes, please.
C: I’ll just call him Enjoy your stay
H: Thank you.

Buenos dias agencias de viajes TACA INTERNACIONAL, mi nombre es Karla patricia Sánchez en que le puedo servir.
Muy buenosdías necesito confirmar el vuelo que sale el dia miecoles a 6.30 pm con destino a Londres.
Ok, me podría regalar sus datos por favor
Si mi nombre es maria Esperanza Constanza.
Permítame un momento...