The face in the pool

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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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When Jupiter came to the mountains, the wood nymphs rushed to embrace the jovial god. They played with him in icy waterfalls and laughed with him in lush green glades.Jupiter's wife, Juno, was veryjelaous, and often she searched the mountainside, trying to catch her husband with the nymphs. But whenever Juno came close to finding Jupiter, a charming nymph named Echo stepped across her path. Echochatted with Juno in a lively fashion and did whatever she could to stall the goddess until Jupiter and the other nymphs had escaped.Eventually Juno discovered that Echo had been tricking her, andshe flew into a rage: "Your tongue has made a fool of me!" she shouted at Echo. "Henceforth, your voice will be more brief, my dear! You will always have the last word - but never the first!"From thatday on, poor Echo could only repeat the last words of what others said.One day Echo spied a golden-haired youth hunting deer in the woods. The boy's name was Narcissus, and he was the most beautifulyoung man in the forest. All who looked upon Narcissus fell in love with him immediately. But he would have nothing to do with anyone, for he was very conceited.When Echo first laid eyes on Narcissus,her heart burned like the flame of a torch. She secretly followed him through the woods, loving him more with each step. She got closer and closer until finally Narcissus heard the leaves rustling. Hewhirled around and cried out: "Who's here?"From behind a tree, Echo repeated his last word, "Here!"Narcissus searched the woods, but could not find the nymph."Stop hiding! Let us meet!" heshouted."Let us meet" Echo cried. The she stepped from behind the tree and rushed to embrace Narcissus. But the youth panicked when the nymph flung her arms around his neck. He pushed her away and shouted:"Leave me alone! I'd rather die than let you love me!""Love me!" was all poor Echo could say as she watched Narcissus run from her through the woods. "Love me! Love me! Love me!"Humilated and filled with...
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