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integrated approach to marketing and communications. It's a way of looking at the whole, where once we only saw parts such as advertising, research,promotion, public relations, trade shows, employee communications, and so forth. It's realigning communications to look at it the way the customer sees it. It meanseliciting a response, not just conducting a monologue. And it means being accountable for results, not just readership scores or recall, but delivering areturn on investment, not just spending a budget.

If You're Judged By The Company You Keep, Then We Must Be Doing Something Right.
For over 16 years, we'vebeen fortunate to work with clients like General Motors, Shell, American Express, Verizon, Anheuser Busch, the Harvard Medical School, the Museum of Science,Clarion / ING Real Estate and many other terrific organizations.

Not only did we deliver the results they expected, but it was easy to work with us. Welistened more than we talked. We applied cutting-edge research to understand the unmet needs of customers. We developed the right strategy coupled with smartcreative. And, we executed across the channels that not only made sense, but that fit the resources available.

Marketing Services Full-Service OrProject-Driven.
Not every situation requires a full-service approach, instead there may be times when you need a project handled quickly, done well and priced fairly.When that happens, call us. You'll not only get a "can-do" attitude, but you'll reap the benefit of having talented people go to work on your behalf immediately.
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