Correa socialism

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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2011
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Francisco Benitez
Teacher. Rugel
English A1
January 13, 2011
Rafael Correa’s Socialist Movement
Audience: Ecuadorian citizens older than 18.
Position Statement: Rafael Correa’s socialist movement in Ecuador should not be considered beneficial for the country.
I. The Socialist movement of Rafael Correa.
a. Facts of Correa’s changes.
b. Progress and results.
II. There is ahigh rate of unemployment and underemployment in Ecuador.
a. There are few job opportunities in Ecuador.
b. Wages and salaries are really low.
III. Ecuador will have problems because the government is using money they don’t have.
a. Ecuadorian citizens have stopped investing money on banks.
b. They are improving Ecuador’s infrastructure, but not our economic wealth.
IV. Thecrime rate was raised because of the unemployment in Ecuador.
a. The unemployment rate is up to 70%.
b. The employees get a miserable liquidation and get fired for weak reasons.
Opening Position: I agree with the help on low resource people because that might improve the Ecuadorian life and decrease crime.
Refutation: However, the idea of improving infrastructure is not correct becausehow can that be done if the Ecuadorian salaries are not even high enough to survive in Ecuador.
V. The socialist movement should be stopped. First, we should improve our economy and employment rate, and then this plan could be put into action.
Conceding Point: The Ecuadorian government, need to improve our economy with another movement or idea, by being realistic and this is why the socialistmovement needs to be stopped.

Benitez 1
The socialist movement of Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, is trying to make people more liberal, due to the Constitution. Socialism is any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. The ideas of the socialist movement are to givebonuses to low resource people, improve infrastructure and human rights. Correa won the elections by 51% with valid votes meaning that the other 49% didn’t agree with him and his ideas. Correa’s idea, when he became president, was to boost social spending and constitutional reform. The global economic crisis has brought serious problems to Ecuador. President Correa has also been pushing for newcontracts with foreign oil companies operating in Ecuador. Correa also has refused to renew the lease on airbases used by US forces. The country is still the same, trying to maintain a good economy. There are good chances that the economy will not improve, actually worsen. Rafael’s Correa socialist movement in Ecuador should not be considered beneficial for the country.
There is a high rate ofunemployment and underemployment in Ecuador. There are a few job opportunities in Ecuador. In Ecuador we lack job opportunities, only because the employment rate is about 30%``Thursday 31 of December, Ecuadorians said goodbye to their co-workers and friends in the office, the industry or factory, to go to their homes, to celebrate the beginning of New Year, but there were some that weren’t that lucky’’(Palacio). Palacio refers to the fact that some people were fired from their jobs. They weren’t fired for their lack of work, because
Benitez 2
people working 20 to 30 years were fired. The excuse given to the workers was ``Your job is concluded’’. The example of Palacios uses in the case of CNT (Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicación) 74 workers fired, they’ve worked for one, two or threedecades and now they don’t know what to do to get a job. Wages and salaries are really low. ``The basic salary is $240, which is the half of the money to maintain a family that is around $512’’ (Moreno). The people are forced to keep their jobs even though they get a miserable salary. The government offers to improve their salaries, but even with that help the salary hardly gets to $360, what...
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