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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2010
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Yury Torres
English Composition 101
Marilynn Turner
October 19, 2010
Modern Socialism
                Between economical and social theories we find socialism as one of the most controversialtopics around the world during the XXI century. People have different perceptions about socialism and it is difficult to agree with everyone in what socialism really is as everyone sees it in differentperspectives. After centuries we can realize Socialism is important to discuss because it has become a political movement that involves us within our society and it is not just a theory.
Socialismstarted as a revolutionary form of protest, a political ideology that was against economic and social capitalism. It appeared in England and France around 1830 and 1840, trying to become a new controlmechanism of the wealthy and the private property in benefit of the working class.
A fair concept of socialism can be the politic ideology that take care an economic and political system by actionsand political theories, based on management, production systems and social control; this will take care that a minority of people possessing most of production, in this case higher classes, will beexploiting the rest and force them to sell their labor power in exchange for a salary.
For this reason, socialism tries to satisfy the increasing material and cultural needs of the society by developingand planifying the national economy increasing labor and productivity within the society.
A socialist economy is based on state ownership, meaning that everything belongs to everyone in the statename. So its principal objective is the change of societal structures.

Modern socialism is a little bit different because nowadays we cannot reform a country, its economy and not even its society.If we want to change or reform a country (understanding socialism), we would have to take money from the wealthiest and the state would deliver an equilibrium within the society. This would be to...
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