Creativity's essay

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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The creativity is a word so complicated to describe, “the word creativity is in a rather curios state: Nearly everyone can recognize creativityinstantly, yet no one can define the in a fully acceptable manner” on this way the creativity is a complex word that involucrate so many aspects, all the aspects is so important to development thecreativity and with it other things.
For the engineers the creativity is very important, because the word engine is related with the creation, creation of new ideas, new products and new thinks. Theengineers are knows for this. For some engineers is so easy think in creativity, produce new projects, and produce ideas all time, they have the creativity more develop that others, but it don’t want saythat for the people that is more difficult is impossible, they people can work it in so many ways and with little exercises you may increase your creativity, there are other activities that can beoriented towards your creativity, these can be conducted in groups or individually, the good point to do it in groups is you can learn of the others members, one of these activities is the brainstorming.“In using the method, the problem to be addressed is announced to a group of people sitting around a table. Then the members of the group are asked to come up with a many ideas as they can that willsolve the problem, as fast as they can, without any attempt to judge whether the ideas are good, bad or plain silly. One of the member of the group is assigned to write down all the ideas as fast as theycome out. Evaluation the ideas is postponed until a later time.” This method is so effective and good to work in group because you can excite your creativity with the ideas of the other people, andthus if you don’t have a good creativity you can contribute to group with ideas and you inspirited with the ideas of yours partners.
Creativity can be hard work but there are many little ways to...