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Activity 1


Reception -Hi that such a great day, that I can help.
Guest: "Hi, good morning just wanted to know the cost of the guest rooms.Reception "We have 2 types of rooms, we have the presidential suite overlooking the sea where you can relax in total comfort offered by these spacious rooms withexquisite decor, marble floors and fine wood furniture.
"We also have junior suite room overlooking the pond where these rooms are ideal for enjoying a comfortable andpeaceful.
"In which of the room you want to stay?
 Guest: I want the junior suite room, please.
Reception: "With that plan you want your accommodation.Guest: "With all inclusive.
Reception: "How many people?
Guest: "For two people.
Reception: "I can provide your data, please.
Guest: Yes, with pleasure.Reception: "I can give her full name.
Guest: "José Jacinto Noh kuyok
Reception: what is your address?
Guests:-Ocampo # 33 South.
Reception: "What is your nationality?Guests:-Mexican
Reception: "what is your occupation?
Guests:-Ing. Chemical.
Reception: "what is its origin?
Guest: San Jose, Cal
Reception: "I can sign hereplease.
Guest: "Yes, of course.
Reception: please proceed to box for your total.
Host: "Ok, thank you very much.
Cashier: "Good morning, such as your form ofpayment, in cash or credit card?
Guest: "My way serious credit card.
Cashier: "I have your card, please.
Guest: "Yes, of course.
Cashier: "Well then youraccount would be for 3 days and 2 nights in our hotel.
"Your total payable is $ 2430.00 USD.
"I do card delivery room, you have very good day.
Guest: "Thanks.
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