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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Critical of the movie "sucker punch"

For a good critical first I must explain that the movie is
this movie I thought was very good because it shows the life of a womanwho was killed his mother and his stepfather is very bad, so she defending his sister without guilt shoots and kills her, as the breast all the inheritance I leave his daughters,stepfather gets the girl in a boarding school to keep the money, but in fact this place was a boarding school but a brothel where danced way to entice the customer to buy moredrink, this Babydoll girl told her, when she started dancing around the public impact, but he danced in his mind imagined was in another world and that made him differentmissions where you had to kill dragons, robots and had to fulfill the mission to receive a prize.
She proposed to the other girls who escaped but needed five elements that were a map,knife, fire, and the fifth key element I had to discover it, to get these things was to dance for the people who had and as she danced the other took away the object to men.When they were going to escape the fifth element discovered that she was and had to sacrifice so that her friend escape.

my view about this movie is good and bad, goodbecause the movie is entertaining and shows us that not everything in life is bad and we should fight for what we want, that one day bring us the happiness, the other I did not likethe side they show a lot of science fiction, unreal things he has not called all the public attention, but leave a message very nice but the ending was very sad and I did notlike, because I wanted her to release her friend and not have to have a lobotomy.

This movie can be entertaining and the audience can see everything so I recommend this movie.
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