Cultura de nicaragua

Journey in Central America
The newly attained fame allowed Dario to obtain the position of newspaper correspondent for La Nacion of Buenos Aires. A little after sending his first article to LaNacion, he set off on a trip back to Nicaragua. During a brief stop in Lima he met the writer Ricardo Palma. He arrived at the Port Corinto on March 7, 1889. In Leon he was received as a guest of honor.His stay in Nicaragua was brief, and he moved to San Salvador where he was named director of the periodical La Union. In San Salvador, he was married by law to Rafaela Contreras, daughter of a famousHonduran Orator, Alvaro Contreras, on June 21, 1890.
Dario decided to leave El Salvador despite job offers from the new president. He moved to Guatemala at the end of June. In December 1890 he wastasked with directing a newly created newspaper, El Correo de la Tarde. That same year the second edition of his successful book Azul, substantially expanded, and using Valera’s letters, which catapultedhim to fame, as prologue, was published in Guatemala. In 1891, Dario chose to move to Costa Rica with all of his family, were he was barely able to support hi family, and it was there and in thatconditions that his first son, Ruben Dario Contreras was born on November 12,1891.
IN 1892, Dario left his family in Costa Rica and traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua, in search for bettereconomic prospects. Eventually, the Nicaraguan government sent him to Madrid as a delegate. He disembarked in Santander on August 14,19892, where he continued his journey to Spain via train. InNovember he returned to Nicaragua, where he received a telegram from San Salvador notifying him on his wife’s illness, who died on January 23, 1893.
At the onset of 1893, Ruben remained in Managua andrenewed his affairs with Rosario Murillo, whose family forced to Dario to marry her. In April he traveled to Panama where he learned that a friend had given him a position of Honorific Consul in Bueno...
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