Cultural analysis

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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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This weekend I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and in one of the episodes, one of the doctors whose name isDr. Torres, is in love with one of the interns (she is already a resident). Then they start dating, but she was the one to take the initiative, instead ofhim. After several dates she was absolutely in love with him. There fore, in one of the dates she said “I love you” to him, but he was not able to say thesame thing to her because he was not ready yet, or if he had said it in that moment he wouldn’t have meant it. She got really offended and upset , because forher, it was important that he had said “I love you” back.

“I love you” in the United States is something really strong to say. This matter is cultural,because in Mexico saying I love you is actually really common. It is a term that is daily used, and does not have a relatively strong meaning, unless thetwo people know that the situation is actually giving the phrase that strong and deep meaning. When saying this phrase, you don’t have to be deeply in lovewith the a person to say it, here in Mexico you can say it as an act of friendship or even happiness. But on the other hand, in the United States, saying itis almost as committing yourself to spend a long time with that person/having a formal relationship, and not saying it back to the one who said it is takenas something offensive and rude. Clearly, this is an aspect that has to do with how people are educated in different places, as well as cultural matters.