Cultures of mexico

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México began its strugglefor self-government in 1810. That’s when Miguel Hidalgo, a criollo priest, began planning the Mexican revolution. He appealed to local mestizos and Native Americans. In September 1810, the Spanishgovernment discovered Hidalgo`s plot. But before the authorities could arrest him, Hidalgo took action. He ,wildly rang the church bells in the town put of Dolores.
Hidalgo´s call the revolution becameknown as the ‘CRY OF DOLORES``. It attracted some 80, 000 fighters, mostly mestizos and Native Americans.
Mexico becomes independent: The Spanish could execute the revolution`s leaders , but theycould not kill its spirit. Small rebel groups kept fighting . In 1821 , Iturbide declared Mexico independent .
South America Independence
Simon Bolivar, one of South America`s most importantrevolutionary leaders, was born in Venezuela in 1783 .
Bolivar , the liberator : Many years Bolivar and ferdinand faced off again. This time, Bolivar knocked Spanish America right out from under Ferdinand`sfeet. Bolivar joined the foght for Venezuela independence in 1807. By 1822,bolivar became its troops had freed a large area from Spanish rule .
San Martin was another important revolutionary leader. Hewas an Argentine who had lived in Spain and served in the Spanish army . San Martin declared Chile`s independence ; San Martin met with Bolivar to discuss the fight for independence .
Brazil takesa different route , Portugal`s colony, Brazil , became independent without fighting a war . In the early 1800s during a war in Europe , French armis invaded Spain and Portugal`s in 1821

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