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2.1 Values Mission and Corporate Philosophy
Red Bull Values

If there’s one company that has become a success in large part to due to their marketing strategy it is Red Bull. From a company that sells only four products (not counting merchandise), their ability to garner mass appeal through grassroots involvement at universities, sponsorships, and especially social media is worthinvestigating. John Beasley, head of brand communication at Red Bull, says “ We found consumers wanted short bits of content that needed to be refreshed constantly. We also created lots of different points for consumers to discover us through.”
It is safe to say that there is not shortage of content with Red Bull, here’s a short list of some of the campaigns Red Bull runs to connect with their targetaudience.
· Media content for all sponsored sports
· Profiles for each sponsored athlete with accompanying media content
· Monthly newsletter: “Red Bulletin”
· Hosting sporting and music events around the world
· University Brand Managers
Every campaign provides tools to easily share content over social media properties like facebook and twitter. All the campaigns share some things in common though.They look for exciting, borderline dangerous or creative things and become a part of it.
Whether it’s a campaign about music concerts or a half pipe in the middle of nowhere created for snowboard practice, if it contains the core brand values of Red Bull, you better believe they’ll be involved or leading. Red Bull’s proactive approach to running multiple campaigns that also support a singlebrand provides great examples of successful campaigns that involve social media.

Red Bull Corporate Philosophy
Steps taken by Red bull to build Corporate Identity
* The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”
* Quirky cartoons
* Vans, painted with the Red Bull logo
* Associate it’s personality with people who were health and sports conscious
* Sponsored and started events such asBMX, Biking, Kite-boarding, extreme snowboarding, F-1.

Red Bull Mission

To spread Our wings over the world

The mission Statement of Red Bull is as follows, we think:
"We are dedicated to upholding Red Bull standards, while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner. We create aculture where employees share best practices dedicated to coaching and developing our organisation as an employer of choice."

2.2 Company’s background

1987: Dietrich Mateschitz launched Red Bull in Austria. Red Bull was available in 1 country.
1989: Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger, became the first Motorsports athlete to be sponsored by Red Bull.
1990: Red Bull was available in 2 countries.1992: Red Bull launched the first Red Bull cartoon spot called Leonardo. Red Bull was available in 3 countries.
1993: Red Bull was available in 6 countries.
1994: The frogprince was the first cartoon copy launched outside of Austria. Red Bull was available in 8 countries.
1996: Red Bull was available in 29 countries.
1998: Red Bull launched The Red Bull Music Academy. Red Bull was availablein 45 countries.
1999: Red Bull launched The Flying Bulls. Red Bull was available in 54 countries.
2001: Red Bull launched the Red Bull Crashed Ice, the Red Bull X-Fighters, the Taurus World Stunt Academy and founded the Red Bull Junior Team. Red Bull was available in 73 countries.
2003: Red Bull launched the Red Bull Air Race. Red Bull was available in 114 countries.
2005: Foundation ofFormula 1 team Red Bull Racing. Red Bull purchased SV Casino Salzburg and renamed it as Red Bull Salzburg. Red Bull was available in 134 countries.
2006: Foundation of NASCAR team Red Bull Racing. Red Bull purchased New York MetroStars and renamed it as New York Red Bulls. Red Bull was available in 141 countries.
2007: Red Bull launched Red Bull Records and Red Bull Music Studio Los Angeles. Red...