Damar case

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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2010
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Damar International
1. Background
The characteristics for each kind of business, in terms of how big or small it can be are related with the capability of their creator or managers to develop the company in the correct way, taking in to account that the skills and the experience are necessary, because to make an organization successful, is necessary to create an alliance between company andmanager, in order to satisfy both part. 
Managers have the abilities to create ideas and put them into the company, to be developed for them, making the organization work necessary for many buyers, that means that the company job have to supply the consumer needs, whatever they want and in the same form as when they started. 
In this case a small company as Damar International , is important toemphasize on how they start to do their job and the most important point how they are becoming in the last 5 years , as a great business , that nowadays is trying to  change their business to one more successful and international.
As a globalization is changing, the companies that wants to maintain their self in the business and be competitive with other , is necessary to have high qualities inall aspect , like , good row material, excellent final product and service.
2. People involved
Dewi Soemantoro: She is Damar International owner and founder. She is an extraordinary entrepreneur who found a niche of the market that could exploit with little resources and a family based logistics and she created an important company that acts not only as importer but also as exporter. It isimportant to understand the significance of this character in the case. Not only the case focuses mainly on the life of this woman, but it pretty much rules out any other people. In addition for English she speaks Malay, French, German and Italian.
Ronald I. Asche: He is Damar vice-president, even though he has an important role in the company, the highlight of the case falls into Soematoro’sintelligence and motivation. He seems a little weak because in the entire case her actions for the company are barely mentioned. Also, based on what the case says, Ronald acts as a secondary element in the company. First, because the performing of the company relies on Soematoro’s experience. And second because even though Soematoro’s relatives are barely, they play a more important role than himbecause of the connections they provide in Indonesia.
Soematoro’s Relatives: They are the people that provide not only the connection but also a financial source of income for the company. Even though they are mentioned scarcely, the role they play in the success of the company is major. They are the direct connection between Soematoro’s and the company with Indonesia and the producers of the productsthey sell.
Consumers: Those people are the most important and representative group that, plays an important role on the success of the company. Damar owes its success to the customers which Dammar satisfies with a variety of Indonesian products. On the other hand, it is clear that they are the ones who really provide a clear idea of what to import, especially because they have the option to orderand customized product. The clients are who make the company progress and they are the ones who demand changes.
Indonesian Artisans: This is another highly affected group that has a major effect on Damar’s performance. First, they receive the order of customized products and then produce them. This is positive not only for them but for Damar. Damar obtains an original product, handmade which issold in the United States and the artisans obtain an income source which helps the economy of their families and also of their country.

3. Organization involved
Damar International: it is an Indonesian firm that was established in Burke, Virginia. The firm is owned by Dewi Soemantoro its president, and Ronald Asche its vice president; it was established to capitalize on Soemantoro´s...