Datos personles de jose maria morelos

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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Imagine having everything we ever dreamed
Don't you want it?


Can't you see it?

[Sharpay]Imagine first audition after college
I get the lead!

A part for me?
[Sharpay]Well of course
Yeah right!
You gotta believe it
Keep talking[Sharpay]
You and I all the fame
Sharpay and what's his name?
sound exciting?[Ryan]
Let's do it then
Personalstylist, agent and a publisist
But where do I fit into this?
With you we can win
[Rayan]Win a part
Think bigger!
Become superstars
That's betterDon't you see that bigger is better
And better is bigger
A little bit is never enough
No, No, No![Both]
Don't you want it all!
You want it, you know that you want it
The fame and the fortune and more
You want it all, you want it,...
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