Dead man´island

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It´s the story about one girl called Carol who lives in Hong Kong. She is very happy there with her parents, but one day her father die in a accident. Herfavourite singer is Jake Rosso but one day he die too.
She is sad because her father is die and she changes her life. She changes her friends and she starts to have drugs.
Carol´s motherdecided to go London for live. There Carol wants to change and leave the drugs. Her mother find a new job in one island. Carol and her mother go to live to the island. The life there is nice but there arestrange things. Mother´s boss is strange. Is a joung man with a moustache. Carol works in the island in the farm and in the garden. In the house there is one strange room and Carol wants to Know whatis into. She gets to go into and discover that Jake Rosso is alive. He is her mother´s boss, Mr Ros.


1.- Coming to England.

Carol lives withher parents in Hong Kong. They are happy there, but her father has an accident and die. Carol´s favourite singer die too. She is too sad and starts to have drugs. Her mother decided to go to London forlive. There, Carol and her mother go to one island for live because her mother has found one job there.

2.- Carol and her mother meets with Mr Ross. the new boss and the owner of theisland.

3.- Carol´s mother works all day and Carol helps in the farm and garden. They are happy there but one day happens somethig strange. Carol takes one photograph of Mr. Ross and Mr Duncanbrokes the film.
4.- There is storm in the island one night. Carol can´t sleep. She sees one light in one bedroom and she wants to Know who is inside. She goes near the bedroom and she seesMr. Ross that goes out, locks the door and put the key in the plant pot next to the bedroom.

5.- She goes into the bedroom and she discovers...In the bedroom there are photographs,...
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