Death, suicide, homosexuality etc.

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“What is death?”
What is death? This is a very difficult question to answer to. I have been thinking a long time before I decided to write anything on this topic.
For me death is the end, but also the beginning of something new. Death brings to me words such as: tears, goodbye, lost, pain, illness, Heaven, God... and many, many more. I personally believe in life afterdeath, because I am Catholic, but also because it is easier to live thinking that there is something after we die.
I am afraid of death, of passing away without saying goodbye, and without living anything from me. I am scared of losing the ones I love, and scared of not being with them anymore...
For me death is when a person is no longer living, but his/hers soul remains alive; it is when nomatter what we say and what we do, we cannot change anything- we are powerless.
When someone dies I ask myself “why this person? Why now?”, but it seems to me that I will never find out the answer to these questions. We are so little, when comparing to God and His power...
My parents have the same beliefs as I do, because they are the ones that taught me most of what I know now.
Mygrandparents are older, and they should be the ones more afraid of death, but they are not, or maybe they just do not show it; however it is they accept death... I think that some reasons of this might be that they already had and did in their lives what they wanted to; they had to say goodbye to many people they loved; they saw young people dying before them; they are true followers of God, so theythink that after they die they will be rewarded for what they did on the earth, and meet the ones they love and lost; one of my grandmothers is sick, she is suffering a lot..., sometimes it seems to me like she is tired of life, and she would rather run away from it leaving the pain behind, and joining her son and husband in heaven...
I think that most of older people are thankful for their life,which was probably longer than many other people lived; they have hope and wisdom, they are also more prepared, and this is what makes them calmer than younger people are about death.
It seems easier to accept death of someone older than of some child. Often teenagers are not even afraid of dying. They think that because they are young, death is far away from them and nothing can happen... Butthey are wrong, because no one knows which will be his/hers last moment of life.

Here are some reasons for adolescent suicide:
• Rational thinking lost
• No or little social support
• Depression
• Separation, divorce or other ending of significant relationship
• Death of someone beloved, someone important in one’s life
• Excessive alcohol or drug use
• In order topunish those left behind (family, friends...)
• In the belief to join a loved one who has died before
• To run away from one’s problems
• To get rid of one’s pain
Nearly a million people worldwide commit suicide each year, with anywhere from 10 to 20 million suicide attempts annually. The true number of suicide is likely higher, because some deaths that were thought to be an accident,like single car accident, overdose or shooting, are not recognized as being suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people 10 to 24 years of age. In my opinion many of the people who committed suicide would not do it if they would seek for help and receive some from professionals as psychologist, psychiatrist etc. Those people often need love and someone to talk to. Many of themare too young to deal alone with their problems, so they “run away”, but all they really want is the feeling of being understand and loved...
In some religions suicides are seen as honourable. Some people commit suicides to honour their god. They see it as something great to do.

“Homosexuality and homophobia”
Homosexuality refers to sexual behavior with or attraction to...
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