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You love your work and are responsible for multiple projects and tasks that continue to be assigned to you or your group. You actually thrive on the multiple deadline pressures. Or perhaps you hold multiple jobs or own your own business. Your work hours are long, your at-home hours short, and your sleep hours few. Vacations and social visitswith friends are a distant memory. Your only hobby is your job. It's pretty likely that you are a workaholic. Workaholics live for their work, often spending many extra hours at work, and often taking work home to complete.

Strategies for Reducing Workaholism
• Block out "personal time" to spend with family and friends.
• When on the road for business, call home regularly to stayedconnected.
• Learn how to delegate work and learn to say no to new assignments
• Take time off, perhaps starting with a long weekend and gradually moving up to longer vacations and leave work behind.
• Consider an exercise routine to get your body back to a healthy shape. And better, have a friend or significant other as your exercise buddy to make it more fun.
• Considervolunteering to help others and to meet new people.
• Convince yourself it is okay to sometimes just sit and relax and do nothing.
• Find a hobby or two.
• Fight the urge that everything you do must be perfect to your standards.
• Accept that we all need a decent number of hours of sleep.
• If you find yourself not able to do any of these suggestions, consider getting professionalhelp to deal with what is basically an addiction.

The making of a champion Jefferson Perez

Jefferson Perez was born in Cuenca, on 1 July 1974. The second of five siblings – three male and two female – Jefferson became involved with Athletics in 1986 when he saw on television the victory of compatriot Rolando Vera (also from Cuenca) at the São Silvestre road race in São Paulo. Thatclearly inspired the young Ecuadorian.
His first major event was the South American Junior Championships held in Montevideo in 1989. There, still only 14, the young Perez won the 10,000m in 45:03.71, starting his glorious campaign.

Also at the age of 14, Jefferson lost his father, and with his mother gradually going blind, he was able to find the inspiration for his sports career.

“Ialways say I was exposed to everything at my youth, crime, drugs, you name it… But I guess I was signed for something different, and that kept me away from all those temptations that usually present themselves to young kids.”

Perez’s first global impact came in 1990 at the World Junior Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There Jefferson placed third at 10,000m with 40:08.26 at 16, setting aWorld Best for his age. “That was an occasion that marked me for the rest of my career. We got to Bulgaria a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and things were not easy yet. Our luggage got lost, and it was impossible to purchase clothes to train. So we had to borrow stuff from other athletes, wash things after every session, hoping that they would get dry for the next training session.Luckily our bags arrived the night before my event, but certainly it was one of those episodes that tempered my character.”

Two years later, at the 1992 World Junior Championships in Seoul, Perez claimed the victory at 10,000m, a fact that solidified his career.

After the initial experience at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, were the young Ecuadorian abandoned, his career began to evolvedramatically.

The first milestone achieved was the first-ever gold medal for his country at the 1995 Pan-American Games of Mar del Plata. Later on, Jefferson would repeat the feat in 2003 and 2007, with a bronze in 1999.

The next year, at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Perez shocked the world by taking the victory. In the morning of 26 July, the roads of the capital city of the state...
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