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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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-FOREST IS BEING CLEARED for pasture and crops, transportation and hydroelectric development.

world’s biggest timber exporter through logging of frontier forests. The most productiveforest ecosystems have been replaced by roads and routes.

Extinction of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants.

Deforestation leads to the deaths of nearly three quarters of our naturalvegetation. It’s necessary for the goverments to pay seriously attention to the protection of these forests. Canada is losing over 16 million hectares of green lands each year.


Forest is beingcleared Because the countries population has increased rapidly and agriculture.

The majority of Malaysia's remaining forests are managed for timber production. Malaysia has a policy about it, buthas failed.

EXTINCTION of animals and plants.

The country obtains a lot of income agriculture or cattle, and also trees are selled. There are many areas which are not controlled by theauthorities, and companies take advantaje and obtain more income since they don’t pay taxes nor respect the laws.

Government does nothing because logging gives economic benefit.

Malaysia is destroyingforests more than three times faster than all Asia. Scientists say that the destruction of the Amazon, the rain forests of central Africa and in Southeast Asia accounts for more than 15 percent ofhuman-caused carbon emissions blamed for global warming.


Forest is being cleared for development as industrial timber plantations and because of the increasing population and growingeconomy.

Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of tropical timber.
In Indonesia illegal logging is large problem that resulted from the law. It encourages forest crimes, and has seriouseconomic and social implications to the poor.
Logging for tropical timbers and pulpwood is the best-known cause of forest loss and degradation in the country.

EXTINCTION of plants and animals....
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