Derechos humanos

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  • Publicado : 3 de agosto de 2010
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If you register in a driven school, what rights do you have? What duties have the school with you?
A=If I will register in a drivenschool, I’ll Have the right of learn at drive and have a drive licence, and the school have the duty of train me at drive a car.
Whatrights do you have for having born in your family? Do you have any duty?
A=I have the right of live, education, etc. and I have the duty ofobey at my family.
For be human being, what rights do you have? And what duties do you have for this reason?
A=I have the rights oflive, be educated, have clothes, etc.
Also I have the duty of fed me, at work, at help my family, at study by myself, between others duties.If children have the need of being fed, dressed, and educated, do they have the same rights? Do the adults have the duty of feed,dress, and educated them?
A= of course, we have the same rights, never mind the social class, nor what we have and we had, lastly we born tobe free. And the adults of course his fathers have the duty of fed, dress and educate them, if they not answer, they’re breaking therights of the children.
Do some people have more need than others? Do they have more rights that the others?
A=just some people have moreneed than the other because they not had fathers or another reason, but they not have more rights they have the same rights than the other.