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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen

We are going to talk about the company RECARGA-MOVIL

Our talk will be in 3 parts

In the firstpart, I will talk about the enterprise

In the second part, I will mention the organization chart

Finally, I will conclude with the marketing companying

Our presentation will take about 15minutes

That’s all for the introduction.

Now, let´s move to the first part of the talk.

We are located in Av. University Technological #1 Col. The Montecillo, Tecamachalco, Puebla.

So first,we want to mention the vision and mission.


To be an enterprise leader in the service of the reloading mobile cell phone batteries satisfying the necessities of our customers. Distributingmachines with the highest quality in the region Tecamachalco, Puebla.


To be a company leader and be recognized at national level in a period of five years offering the service of reloadmobile phones batteries satisfying the necessities of the customers with efficiency of the communications.

That´s concludes the first part.

Now, I want to explain the organizational chart of theRecarga-Móvil.

In the job of General Manager is situated Juan Carlos Carrillo Márquez. His functions are: to manage the enterprise, make decisions and motivate the personal.

In the job ofCommercial Manager is situated Araceli Rosas Otero. Her functions are: investigate of marketing, decisions about products and price, distributing, promotion, sell and post sell.

In the job of PurchasingManager is situated Norma Luisa Trujillo Meza. Her functions are: supply selection, buy machines and reduce purchasing costs.

In the job of Administrative Manager is situated Lucía NepomucenoDomínguez. Her functions are: to plan comprehensive program of recruitment and selection. Evaluate the evolution of the recourses economics and financiers.

That´s concludes the second part.

Now, I...
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