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C# (C# 2.0, C# 3.0, C#), .NET (.NET, .NET 3.5), XAML, WPF, Architect, Dev Posted: 27 Jan 2008 Updated: 27 Jan 2008 Views: 61,548 Bookmarked: 122 times

Using MVC to UnitTest WPF Applications
By Josh Smith Provides guidance for using the Model-View-Controller design pattern to create modular WPF apps that are easy to unit test

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Download the demo app (for Visual Studio 2008) - 132.54 KB

Are you curious about how to create WPF applications that are modular, maintainable, and easyto unit test? Do you want some tips on how to avoid ending up in Spaghetti Hell during your next WPF project? Do you think that bowls make lousy hats? Read on…

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CodeProject: Using MVC to Unit Test WPF Applications. Free source code andpro... Página 2 de 15

Lower That Flamethrower Introducing MVC Implementing MVC in WPF The Demo App How the Demo App Works Unit Testing the Model and Controller Introducing MVVM Revision HistoryIntroduction
At the time of this writing, the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a relatively new platform for creating Windows desktop applications. There is not too much available in the way ofguidance for developers to follow when they need to “port” their existing application design skills and best practices to WPF. One critical, yet scarcely reviewed, topic is how to leverage the featuresand powers of WPF to create unit testable applications. This article begins the process of filling that void, by introducing techniques I developed and evolved while working on several real WPF...
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