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Meet your new

VGN-B100 Series
Thank you for purchasing a Sony VAIO® computer! Your new computer is a superb blend of high technology and easy-to-use functionality. The information provided here is designed to help you to become familiar with your computer.
Main unit Battery AC Adapter Power Cord


Insert Battery


Connect AC

AC adapterPower cord

1 2 3

Unlock the UNLOCK/LOCK switch. Insert the battery. Lock the UNLOCK/LOCK switch.


Speakers Computer screen (LCD)

Open Lid


Connect Mouse



Monitor (VGA) port Network (Ethernet) port RELEASE switch

Indicators Battery connector DC IN port

Left and right buttons Touch pad Keyboard S1 and S2 buttons Wireless LAN switch UNLOCK/LOCKswitch RELEASE switch Port replicator connector

* Mouse available separately.

Indicators Air vents


Connect Headphones


Power On

Memory Stick® media indicator Memory Stick® media slot i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) S400 port

Optical drive eject button and indicator Air vent Power button

USB 2.0 ports Headphones jack Microphone jack

PC Card slot and eject buttonOptical drive Optical drive manual eject hole Modem jack

Audio cable (not supplied)


© 2004 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.

Printed in Japan.

* Headphones and speakers available separately.

Connect the
1 2 3

Port Replicator
Power indicator To AC outlet

Locate the

User Guide

Turn off the computer and disconnect all attached devices. On thebottom of the computer, slide the port replicator cover down until the port replicator connector is completely visible. Align the sides of the computer with the sidewalls of the port replicator, and gently place the computer on top of the port replicator until it clicks into place. Plug the AC adapter into the DC IN port on the port replicator, and plug the power cord into the AC adapter and an ACoutlet.

The online VAIO® Computer User Guide offers you more valuable information about your new computer. Once your computer is up and running, you can find the guide by following these instructions.

1 2

Click Start > VAIO Help and Support. Under Pick A Help topic, click VAIO User Guide.


AC adapter

Power cord

* Port replicator available separately.

Use the


Awireless local area network (LAN) is a network in which you can connect through a wireless (radio) connection. You can opt to purchase a Sony Wireless LAN Access Point to set up a LAN.

What do I do if my computer stops responding? Although unsaved files may be lost, it is best to turn off your computer by following these steps: Click Start > Turn Off Computer > Turn Off. Alternatively, you mayfollow one or more of these suggestions to turn off the computer: Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously. Select the Shut Down menu, and click Turn Off. This option is particularly useful if your computer stops responding while you are playing a CD or DVD. Press and hold the power button until the computer turns off. Disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery. What do I do if mycomputer won’t start? The power indicator on the computer is off when the computer is not securely attached to a source of power. Make sure the computer is plugged into the AC adapter and the adapter is plugged into an outlet. If you are using battery power, make sure the battery is inserted properly and charged. You may check the power source by disconnecting the AC adapter and removing the battery.Wait one minute before reattaching the AC adapter and reinserting the battery. Additional suggestions include: If the computer is plugged into a power strip or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), make sure the power strip or UPS is turned on and working. If your computer is connected to an external display, such as a multimedia monitor, make sure the display is plugged into a power source and...
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