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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Existing Products:
Trough my investigation, I could realized that there are different types of storage products for teenagers. Most of this storage product keeps alltypes of things like: beauty tools, nail polish, accessories, etc. As these products storage all kinds of thing, we can believe that there are a little bit moreefficient, but this also have its negative side: could make the client a little bit disorganized because it makes the client believe that that product is to throughout all itsbeauty tools and accessories whenever she likes, without caring if it is organized or not.
In my research I found products like the: “Wire beauty storage” that is aproduct made of looped hand-twisted iron wire that contains three individual storage cases to keep any kind of accessories. At the same time I found the “Clear beauty storage”that is a product that brings three acrylic jars (small, medium and large) feature with aluminum lids and dry-erase label.
Also I found the most complete product of myresearch, the:” Carry all case” that is a box of sturdy aluminum , with a very attractive outside design that features three levels of lined storage trays with removalpartitions. As the name says, it storage every kind of beauty tools, but in our case we need a product that maintains all the equipment for nail organize, comfortable andlooks attractive.
“Clear Beauty Storage”
“Wire Beauty Storage”
“Carry All Case”
Too conclude, I found three main products that meet with some of the requirements thathas my product: for teenagers, to storage “beauty tools”, etc. But at the same time I discovered that there is not a specific product design, to solve my problem.
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