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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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Today’s tutorial will be slightly shorter than most that I write, but I feel that it shows some really useful techniques that are worth learning.
Final Image
This is the final image thatwe are going to be created:

Step 1:
Create a new document and paste in a photo of a woman’s face. Make sure that it’s roughly centrally aligned.

Step 2:
Now grab an image of an ink splatter andpaste it into your document. Drag the image so that the main part of the splatter goes over the woman’s eye. It’s very important that your splatter is black on a white background, and that thecontrast is set to +100.
Now we want to cut out the ink splatter from it’s background. This would be impossible using the lasso or magic wand selection tools, so I go to select > color range and thenchoose ’shadows’ and make sure that ’selection’ is checked. Photoshop then automatically selects the black parts of my image – in this case the paint splatter. It’s very important to hide the layercontaining the photo of the woman, as the color range selection will pick up the dark parts of this image despite it being on a different layer. Also, be sure to check ‘invert’ so that the selected area isyour white background and not the ink splatter, this way you can simply hit delete and delete the area around the splatter.

Step 3:
Then duplicate your ink splatter layer and go to edit > transform> flip horizontal. Move the flipped image so that it covers the woman’s other eye.

Step 4:
Now find other images of ink splatters and position them over the nose/mouth and between the eyes. Whenyou’ve done this merge all of your ink splatter layers together and then using the color range technique select the area around them. Then go to select > save selection and save it as ’splatter’.Step 5:
Hide your ink splatter layer and select the layer with the photo of the woman. Load your ’splatter’ selection then hit delete achieve the outcome below:

Step 6:
Now create a new layer...
tracking img