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Called "The Black Pope" by many of his followers, Anton LaVey began the road to High Priesthood of the Church of Satan when he was only 16 years old and an organ player in a carnival: "On Saturday night I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for tentshow evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I wouldsee these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they'd be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence. "I knew then that the Christian Church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man's carnal nature will out!" From that time early in his life his path was clear. Finally, on the lastnight of April, 1966 Walpurgisnacht, the most important festival of the believers in witchcraft - LaVey shaved his head in the tradition of ancient executioners and announced the formation of The Church Of Satan. He had seen the need for a church that would recapture man's body and his carnal desires as objects of celebration. "Since worship of fleshly things produces pleasure," he said, "therewould then be a temple of glorious indulgence..."


(FIRE) --BOOK OF SATAN-The Infernal Diatribe [I] [II] [III] [IV] [V]

(AIR) --BOOK OF LUCIFER-The Enlightenment I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. Wanted!: God - Dead or Alive The God You SAVE May Be Yourself Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age Hell, theDevil, and How to Sell Your Soul Love and Hate Satanic Sex Not all Vampires Suck Blood Indulgence... NOT Compulsion On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice Life After Death Through Fulfillment of the Ego Religious Holidays The Black Mass

(EARTH) --BOOK OF BELIAL-The Mastery of the Earth I. II. III. IV. Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic: (Definition and Purpose of Lesser and Greater Magic) TheThree Types of Satanic Ritual The Ritual, or "Intellectual Decompression", Chamber The Ingredients Used in the Performance of Satanic Magic: A. Desire B. Timing C. Imagery D. Direction E. The Balance Factor The Satanic Ritual:


A. B. C.

Some Notes Which are to be Observed Before Beginning Ritual The Thirteen Steps Devices Used in Satanic Ritual

(WATER) --BOOK OF LEVIATHAN-The RagingSea I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Invocation to Satan The Infernal Names Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Lust Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Compassion The Enochian Keys and The Enochian Language (The nineteen Keys will be listed here in chronological order.) • The First Key • The Second Key] • The Third Key • TheFourth Key • The Fifth Key • The Sixth Key • The Seventh Key • The Eighth Key • The Ninth Key • The Tenth Key • The Eleventh Key • The Twelfth Key • The Thirteenth Key • The Fourteenth Key • The Fifteenth Key • The Sixteenth Key • The Seventeenth Key • The Eighteenth Key • The Nineteenth Key

INTRODUCTION Burton H. Wolfe On a winter's evening in 1967, I drove crosstown in San Fransisco to hearAnton Szandor LaVey lecture at an open meeting of the Sexual Freedom League. I was attracted by newspaper articles describing him as "the Black Pope" of a Satanic church in which baptism, wedding, and funeral ceremonies were dedicated to the Devil. I was a free-lance magazine writer, and I felt there might be a story in LaVey and his contemporary pagans; for the Devil has always made "good copy", asthey say on the city desk. It was not the practice of the black arts itself that I considered to be the story, because that is nothing new in the world. There were Devil-worshipping sects and voodoo cults before there were Christians. In eighteenth-century England a Hell-Fire Club, with connections to the American colonies through Benjamin Franklin, gained some brief notoriety. During the early...
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